As the authorised dealer for Swissvax, Auto Spahaus carries a complete range of Swissvax waxes to suit your needs. We would advise to purchase and store it with us in air conditioned room and pay for labor when application is needed. Alternatively, you can take it home and do it at your own convenience.

Swissvax specializes in producing waxes that do not contain abrasives. It can be applied to all paint surfaces. Swissvax uses two components: cleansing oil and wax. The waxes leave no residues on rubber seams or in crevices. Carnauba is the world’s hardest, purest, most transparent and also most expensive natural wax.  It is obtained from the upper side of the leaves of the “Copernicia prunifera”, a fan palm native to Brazil which is graded according to colour and clarity. The highest quality is classified as rare grade one carnauba and this is the type used in our waxes. The level of shine increases with the percentage of carnauba used in the wax formulation.

While conventional car waxes have a carnauba content of between 3 and 5%, Swissvax formulations contain between 30 and 76% by volume (one of the highest concentrations available on the market). Unlike ordinary polishes, which simply polishes a painted surface to a shine while the lower layers of paint get dryer and “starve”, the Swissvax carnauba formulations, enriched with passion fruit, orange, avocado and vanilla oils, restore a deep shine to the paintwork. This results in a deeper, unique “wet look” that appeals to collectors and car enthusiasts the world over.

Nano Coating is a branch of technology that deals with things that are smaller than 100 nano meters. It is engineering at a very small scale. 1 nano meter is 1/80,000 the diameter of a human hair. It is 1 billionth a meter or 0.0000000001m. The molecules in glass (silica) are engineered or manipulated in such a way that it remains in liquid form until it is applied onto paint surface when it solidifies and forms a tough and durable coat that protects the clear coat and base coat. Glass has a transparent and glossy surface which is suitable for this finish.

Comparatively typical characteristics of carnauba wax would be deep shine, excellent water repellence, ‘wet look’, friendly to all paint types. Nano coating offers the following: lifted profile of car, high – lighted curves, body lines appears to sharper. It also offers a certain degree of scratch resistance (harder to create hairline scratches) with a hardness of 6H. Greater protection against UV rays, brake dust, corrosion protection and other contaminants. Water repellence tends to last longer and far better. It has also been observed that loose dust tend not to stick on coated surface

Carnauba offers nano coating 4 H and 6 H to the discerning owner for painted exterior. 4 H is an entry level coating that that enhances the appearance of your car in terms of having a mirror finish and added gloss but 6 H offers durability and a certain amount of scratch resistance. Windshield coating offers greater protection against acid rain stains. It ensures that your windshield and other glass panels remain clear even during heavy rain, thus giving your clear vision even when driving through heavy rain.

Most rim surfaces are easily damaged by etched brake dust. Rim coating is formulated to form a durable barrier against road grime, oils and most importantly etching from brake dust which in the long run can cause the rims to look really bad. Despite the amazing qualities of nano coating technology it is however no a replacement for the regular car wash. The car has to be washed regularly so that whatever stain that is on the surface can be removed before it gains a foothold and penetrates the protective barrier.


ONYX: Standard Wax for All Colors

Swissvax Onyx is the cost-effective standard wax out of the broad wax portfolio of Swissvax for all paintwork types. Thanks to its 30 Vol. % of pure Brazilian Grade One Carnauba it produces a streak-free gloss on all paintwork types and enhances the paintwork surface with best beading characteristics.


MIRAGE: Increased shine and protection for all lacquer systems

Premium wax with 40% by volume pure Brazilian grade one carnauba wax for increased paintwork protection. Enriched with oil extracts of avocado and tropical fruits, this formulation offers lasting paintwork protection, especially in winter and periodic use of car washes (textile car wash systems).


SHIELD: With non-stick PTFE “Frying pan effect” 

An innovative special Carnauba wax, providing the vehicle through enrichment with non-stick PTFE with a refined protective shield. A shield that withstands even the harshest conditions through the proverbial “frying pan effect”.


AUTOBAHN: Wheel Wax with Non-stick PTFE

The Swissvax Autobahn wheel wax enhances the surface of every type of wheel witha smooth shine and helps to repel brake dust particles and other negative immissions. Brake dust, road salt, harsh winter chemicals, moisture and road contaminates can very hardly penetrate the protective and heat resistant Carnauba wax coating which has been additionally enhanced with PTFE.


SAMURAI: Special Wax for Japanese Paint Systems

It addresses the special needs of post 1988 Japanese paint systems. Samurai wax gives added UV protection, produces a streak-free gloss and enhances the paintwork surface with best beading.



There are many more types of waxes available.